December 10, 2020

DAIS expects you to resist on March 24 & 25

DAIS virtual congress, scene 1 (source: planung&analyse)
Save the date: Who says data can't be sexy? All marketers should be ready for some digital flirtation in March
Ugly Mr Covid has hit few business areas within our publishing company, dfv Media Group, harder than our Conference Group division. Another prominent victim of the pandemic was the annual Insights Congress of our market research & marketing magazine, planung&analyse, this autumn.

But never underestimate the resilience of the female species. Sabine Hedewig-Mohr, managing editor of planung&analyse, and Diana Goldbeck, MD of dfv Conference Group, have created a virtual platform for international exhibitions that will appeal to marketers from all trades. The first such cyber venue, under the name Data Analytics & Insights Salon (DAIS), will be held on March 24 & 25 next year. Want to know more?

Participants from the insights & data analytics community can expect a triple whammy, including a virtual trade show, exhibition and networking arena. The aim is to create a virtuous trade trinity of inspiration, innovation and thought exchange between providers and users.

DAIS virtual congress, scene 2 (source: planung&analyse)
Get wise in conference cyberspace
DAIS will be open for online visitors 24/7. Exhibitors can use this forum to present important strategic topics, introduce key contact partners, or offer whitepapers for download. The beauty of the whole thing is that no visitor ever falls under the radar. Providers can therefore tailor their responses to meet the information needs of all interested parties from the humblest student to big new customers.

Short informative lectures at a parallel congress will deepen user knowledge of all products and services requiring initial explanation. This virtual rendezvous will be curated and moderated. It will also be flanked by a high-quality support programme very much in the style of previous planung&analyse Insights Congresses in the physical world. Visitors can therefore click at will both congress and exhibition.

DAIS virtual congress, scene 3 (source: planung&analyse)
And don't forget to network virtually...
The whole package will thus provide you with an insightful overview of the trade and plenty of opportunities to network online. The organisers have also planned a speakers' lounge, one-to-one chats, theme-specific chats, and virtual exhibition tours. 23 partners have already agreed to exhibit. Full technical support will be provided by Software EXPO-IP, a company carefully selected for the purpose by our own online development team.

Dais logo (copyright: planung&analyse)
Spelt dais, pronounced like 'days', and not to be missed
Both of our ladies seem to have built better in cyberspace than even they may have initially envisaged. Virtual events have a number of obvious advantages beyond the fact that you don't catch the dreaded lurgy. These include no travel & accomodation expenses, closing times or queues at the stands; and, yes, you can be in two places at once by clicking into conference sessions whenever you feel like it.

So what will be on the menu of this cyber venue? Under the strident motto 'Resist!', twenty top speakers will discuss the following hot topics:

  • Why customer experience must come first
  • Why data analytics are the basis of all business insights
  • How behavioural economics can reveal why and what consumers buy
  • Future technology from AI to blockchain and virtual reality
  • Why data capture methods are changing and need to be discussed
  • Why insight professionals are about to get a lot more corporate status

Have we whetted your appetite? Then check out their website for more details where you can also register to attend. It's free-of-charge and just a click away:  DAIS

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Mike Dawson, international editor, Lebensmittel Zeitung

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