June 6, 2017

Love global fashion? Then get THE SPIN!

Logo of THE SPIN (photo: TextilWirtschaft/dfv Media Group)
Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you an industry professional keen on following the international fashion business? Want a daily update, but fed up with the flood of unfiltered information in your email in-box? Then subscribe to our free daily English-language newsletter: THE SPIN.

The trick, of course, is in the curation, and that's where our publishing company has two trump cards in its hands. Want to know more, before you hit the subscription button and join a trendy international community?

Cover page of TextilWirtschaft no. 23, 2017 (photo: TW)
THE SPIN is powered by Lebensmittel Zeitung's sister publication TextilWirtschaft, the #1 trade fashion media brand in Germany. This authoritative B2B magazine and online medium for the decision-makers in fashion spans the entire retail, textile and apparel industry and related services. Womenswear, menswear, denim shoes, accessories, underwear and fabrics as well as children's clothing are among the many areas given in-depth coverage by its specialist writers.

These include more than 35 editors and correspondents reporting from the fashion hubs in Europe. They provide the very latest news about what is really happening in the industry – from new product ideas and distribution strategies to what is new on the sales floor.

Founded in 1946, and with a current readership of around 122,000, TextilWirtschaft is the only German-language fashion title published weekly for the fashion industry. It is also a news, business and fashion magazine in one.

Ulrike Howe, Managing Editor of THE SPIN (source: TextilWirtschaft/dfv Media Group)
Our lady in New York: Ulrike Howe
THE SPIN is hand-aggregated by managing editor Ulrike Howe and a number of co-authors in TextilWirtschaft's New York City office. This glamorous lady, and a long-time colleague renowned for her chic, is indisputably one of the world's best journalists in the fashion business. Ulrike has worked for most of her career on numerous fashion publications within our publishing company, dfv Media Group, in Germany, Italy and the U.S.

For those of us who once knew Ulrike in Frankfurt, it is amusing to perceive how she has gradually become a native New Yorker through her long residence in the Big Apple.

THE SPIN, launched this month, couldn't have arrived at a better time. The fashion industry is rapidly transforming and both consumers and markets are continuously evolving. From Adidas to Zara – big brands are reshaping their business models, while small start-ups are vying to disrupt the market. These changes also demand new skills in management.

In such challenging times, managers need to keep ahead of the competition with breaking news and information. But THE SPIN is more than a mere digest. Its subject categories include retail & commerce, brands & branding, markets & politics, people & positions, tech & innovations.

So, if you like clear and concise news from along the whole international fashion value chain and an authoritative voice, you know where to click in future. And, oh, by the way, we won't shoot you, if you also decide to advertise on THE SPIN. Don't worry, it's perfectly legal, and it might just give your brand a little extra international visibility. Why not spin your fashion business to success?!

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