April 28, 2017

Who says data can't be sexy?

screenshot of LZ Retailytics ad in English (source: LZ)
Screenshot of LZ Retailytics advertisement
It was a good year in the making, but well worth the wait: Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new retail data analysis platform, LZ Retailytics.

As the strapline 'Smart Intelligence for Grocery Retail in Europe' implies, its mission is to provide the food retail industry and its business partners with insight, analysis and forecast data to support their business in Europe. This English-language digital and mobile platform will also deliver workshops, training courses and projects.

LZ Retailytics tracks and analyses the business development of more than 1,000 grocery retail banners in 40 European countries. Want to know more?

As of today, the new service will provide data for 2014 to 2016 and forecasts for 2017 to 2022. The platform is compiled by a team of nine senior retail analysts.

Its specialist focus areas range from Amazon and the online grocery market to Aldi, Lidl & the discounters, private label trends, eastern European retail markets as well as retail technology and logistics.

The user-friendly internet portal fits every type of mobile device. Market information can be downloaded from retailytics.com on demand via the "Report Builder" function and exported directly to PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets. Users can also access a database of more than 9,000 crowd-sourced in-store and store-front photos that can be filtered according to a number of criteria, including product categories.

LZ Retailytics will be marketed through single-user and company licences as well as upgrades of existing LZ subscriptions. Analyst information services will be invoiced on a daily rate.

LZ Retailytics group photo (photo: LZ)
The LZ Retailytics team
This unique market research tool is designed to help users grow their businesses. It will also provide valuable assistance for all those who wish to invest in and negotiate with retailers more effectively.

Users can identify growth opportunities and make SWOT evaluations of grocery retailers across Europe. The growing reserve of store photos will provide both insight and a reality check for the trade, quite apart from saving management time and travel costs.

Users can also subscribe to a free email newsletter compiled by our international team of experts whom you will also be able to meet at a number of forthcoming events. These will be headed by LZ Retailytics manager Björn Weber who gave our newspaper a brief interview today:

"All of Europe's food retail
in one's waistcoat"

Björn Weber, LZ Retailytics (photo: LZ)
Björn Weber
Herr Weber, does the trade really need yet another market data provider?
LZ Retailytics gives instant access to high-quality and real-time information on European markets and food retailers. Users will have data on over 1,000 grocery retail banners in 40 countries, store photos, analyses and five-year forecasts at their fingertips, regardless of whether they are using a tablet computer or a smartphone. This is an innovative product with considerable added value.

Will customers require any schooling to use LZ Retailytics?
Not at all, simply try it. Our whole aim was to make LZ Retailytics the most user-friendly analysis platform on the market. It's like having all of Europe's food retailing in one's waistcoat.

How do you keep the data up-to-date?
Our team of international analysts has created an "online cockpit" where we process an average of 1,000 news items every workday. These are sourced from the media, companies and government authorities. The information is used to update our digital platform in real time as well as to provide the trade with selected news and commentary.

How easily can your market data be used for presentations?
One of the great advantages of LZ Retailytics is that users can easily subject the data to complex analysis and quickly convert it into Excel or PowerPoint. This can be done at the touch of a button on both computer tablets and smartphones – even via mobile networks when one is travelling.

Podcast microphone (photo: Gerhard Seybert-Fotolia)
Gerhard Seybert-Fotolia

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