May 6, 2014

New iTunes channel for our blog podcasts

Microphone (photo: Gerhard Seybert - Fotolia)
Gerhard Seybert - Fotolia
German Retail Blog: Now with a refreshed podcast on iTunes (photo: Gerhard Seybert - Fotolia)
German Retail Blog would like to inform subscribers that we have a new iTunes channel for our podcasts. iTunes users who like to hear what they read or to listen without reading only need to click the following link: 'visit German Retail Blog Podcast on iTunes'.

Readers may also have noticed that this site now has a fresher format after we were obliged to transfer to a more secure server.

These improvements mean that those wishing to continue listening to our audio files via iTunes are asked to change their subscription to the channel deeplinked above. Alternatively, you can click the iPod icon under the title 'Stay Informed' in the top right-hand column of this website.   

German Retail Blog offers a free audio version of all posts except where they contain interviews. Users can obviously continue to click the podcast at the end of each article should they prefer not to use iTunes.

The audio version personalises the texts and adds a human dimension to our media product.
Thank you for listening.

Statistics from Blubrry show that the recordings are regularly listened to in over 180 countries, and we are delighted at the response.

To our surprise, we have found that German Retail Blog also provides a teaching service! Although most listeners are from the UK and the US, our site is also read by many German managers and other non-native speakers who wish to improve their business English and trade-related vocabulary.

This confirms the continued validity of the law of unintended, and in this case agreeable, consequences...

Podcast microphone (photo: Gerhard Seybert-Fotolia)
Gerhard Seybert-Fotolia

Podcast. Click arrow to listen to an audio version of the text:

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photo: LZ
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