August 30, 2020

New in English: FOOD SERVICE International

FOOD SERVICE International (credit: FoodService)
FOOD SERVICE International "It's a great source of information for all things foodservice!"
May we draw your attention to the English version of one of our most influential and authoritative sister publications? FOOD SERVICE International provides global news for the HoReCa sector, which is intimately linked with retailing and the fmcg industry.

For decades shopping centres, hypermarkets and department stores have profited from the customer frequency created by such illustrious names as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut or Taco Bell. Attempts by retailers to go it alone have come to one conclusion: Gastronomy has to be done extraordinarily well with the flair of an Eataly if it is to create enough pull. Executed poorly or even only half-heartedly, the whole thing backfires.

Top brands have also not been able to resist the sheer marketing power of food service concepts. Examples range from PepsiCo's former massive flirtation with fast food to Dr. Oetker, who intends to launch a first 'Pudu-Pudu' pudding shop in Venice Beach/California.

Interested in this vibrant business segment which has been challenged as never before in the time of corona? Then check out FOOD SERVICE International, it's just a click away...

FOOD SERVICE International includes rankings, case studies, background stories and in-depth interviews. It aims to provide decision-makers with comprehensive information on trends and developments in the hospitality industry. There are six issues per year.

FOOD SERVICE is the online portal for the out-of-home market and the joint platform of our sister B2B trade journals gv-praxis, foodservice and foodservice Europe & Middle East.

Mike Dawson, international editor, Lebensmittel Zeitung

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