August 1, 2012

German Retail Blog goes audio

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Sound option: For those who like to hear what they read
Dear newsletter subscribers & English-speaking friends of Lebensmittel Zeitung,

Observant readers will doubtless already have noticed that we have celebrated the third anniversary of German Retail Blog by creating an audio version of our weekly texts.

Interested users can either click the podcast sign at the end of each text or the "Subscribe to our podcast/iTunes" buttons on this site.

Why have we decided to do this? Obviously, an audio version personalises the texts* and adds an extra dimension to our media product. Slightly to our surprise, we have found that German Retail Blog also provides a teaching service!

Although most subscribers of German Retail Blog are from the UK and the USA, it is read by many Germans and other non-native English speakers from 180 countries who wish to improve their business and trade-related vocabulary.

Obviously, we do not aim to provide a pedagogical tool, but are delighted if German Retail Blog is also used in this way.

Lebensmittel Zeitung was also pleasantly surprised to discover from various preliminary tests that the new service is also used by the blind and older subscribers with failing eyesight. We give a particularly warm welcome to these users.

* For legal reasons Lebensmittel Zeitung regrets that our newspaper will not always be able to provide audio versions of interviews.

Podcast. Click arrow to listen to an audio version of the text:

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  1. Mike Dawson
    Created 7 October, 2012 17:40 | Permanent link

    A pictures gallery will be added to relevant blogs soon.

    Video clips of blog readers are hardly exciting, we are not the 9 o'clock news!

    Clips of interviewees could pose a number of legal problems, and who wants to hear all those hums and haws anyway?

    However, should newsletter recipients also want video clips, we are happy to review the situation. Write to us if you are interested.

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