July 1, 2000


Lebensmittel Zeitung print and digital (photo: LZ)
Mother and daughter: Our German B2B newspaper, Lebensmittel Zeitung, in print and digital form
Welcome to German Retail Blog, the English online platform of Lebensmittel Zeitung, Germany's leading retail & fmcg trade newspaper. Its mission is to make the first-class material that has already been published in our German print edition available to a broader English-speaking online audience.

German Retail Blog provides original comment on and analysis of global retailing and the fmcg industry. We also offer a free newsletter service to all subscribers.

As the title German Retail Blog implies, the posts essentially track trends in German retailing. However, the strong internationalisation of local retailers and suppliers inevitably demands detailed coverage beyond national borders.

The blog posts, which are written exclusively by members of Lebensmittel Zeitung's editorial team, are flanked by interviews with international retailers & fmcg manufacturers as well as prominent thinkers and personalities relevant to the trade.

Our writers have chosen to write in blog form because we wish to be both informative and entertaining. Hopefully readers will find us heavy on ideas, but light in style.

According to Google Analytics, our blog posts are read in more than 160 countries. International subscribers also include German managers wanting to know how their company is viewed abroad or who simply wish to improve their trade English. We are therefore delighted to provide an audio version (podcast) where relevant.

We hope that users will find German Retail Blog both insightful and enjoyable. We also look forward to your comments and suggestions.

The LZ team in autumn 2018 (photo: Bert Bostelmann)
Bert Bostelmann
Group Portrait with Lady: The LZ team in Frankfurt, led by managing editor Christiane Preuschat (middle front row), on the occasion of our newspaper's 70th anniversary in 2018 (photo: Bert Bostelmann)
German Retail Blog is powered by Lebensmittel Zeitung. LZ is an exclusive source of news & in-depth analysis providing full coverage of German & international marketing strategies, product ranges & retail formats.

LZ covers the whole retail and fmcg spectrum from food & non-food to IT, logistics, real estate & store design. LZ is essential reading for the German industry and speaks with an authoritative, independent voice.

LZ writes for the decision-makers in the trade. These include chairmen & CEOs, board directors, and senior management (buyers, category management, marketing, legal, IT & logistics).

LZ appears weekly. Our editorial team offers a distinctive German view of the local & international trade and strives to provide thought leadership.

LZ is one of the many B2B titles published by dfv media group. Founded in 1946, dfv media group is one of the most successful business-to-business communication companies in Europe. Based in Germany, it has round about 940 employees and in 2019 posted €139.6m in sales. The dfv media group offers around 90 specialist publications covering eleven important economic sectors.

All of these are strong media brands, which supply modern specialist information across multiple channels: from printed periodicals and 90 digital options such as newsletters, subscriptions sites, and apps to 160 dedicated industry events. The dfv portfolio is rounded off by about 400 specialist book titles which serve as practical guides as well as by a large number of customized services, including market research and corporate publishing.

Podcast microphone (photo: Gerhard Seybert-Fotolia)
Gerhard Seybert-Fotolia

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Mike Dawson, international editor, 
Lebensmittel Zeitung

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